Learning in a Networked World

I spend an hour watching Will Richardson’s talk on Learning Today in a Networked World. Very interesting perspective.

Our system of education was created 125 years ago when access to information and teachers was difficult. The purpose of schools was to deliver an education. Today our students have access to information and thousands of teachers online. What changes in education when this happens? The value of school is no longer curriculum content and access to teachers. Schools must become places of productive learning. Productive learning is the learning process which reinforces wanting to learn more. Do our students go home and voluntarily dig deeper into the curriculum because they want to learn more?

None of us is exempt. We can’t firmly believe in “life long learning” and simultaneously not be clued in to the largest transformation in learning that has ever occurred in human history. Those two don’t co-exist. Being a “life long learner” is not ignoring what’s going on around us. – Scott McLeod

We keep thinking we need to teach students about technology. We keep making them do power point presentations. What we should be doing is teaching kids how to learn, create, and collaborate with technology.

We don’t need teachers for answers, we need them for questions. Education is not something that happens to us, it is something we create for ourselves.

Watch his video, it is time well spent.


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