The Importance of Technology in our Student’s Future


There are parents and teachers that believe we are over emphasizing technology with our students. They fear that students will lose cursive writing, spelling, and grammar. I think we need to hold on to some things from our past, but we need to let go of others. Do I see a future where our students will need to know how to spell and use grammar correctly? YES! Do I see a future where cursive writing will be important? I am not so sure.

The creative, high-level thinking jobs of the future will all require computer skills. In the near future, everything will be digital. We need to prepare our students for the world of today and tomorrow, not yesterday. Check out this blog posting by Scott McLeod to see more details on this topic. His last point is interesting. See below:

[School board member], you say that putting technology into the hands of all students is ‘not the way to go.’ Which students get to use technology, then? Which students get to be prepared for the world as it is and will be (and which ones don’t)? Which students are you going to intentionally disadvantage by hobbling their college and career readiness by removing technology from their hands?  -Scott McLeod


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